Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little bit of knitting.

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Cumbria to see some friends. They had just increased there little family with the safe arrival of a little girl. It's over ten years since my little girl was quite so small.

So today after all (well most ) of the jobs where done I began the job of collecting my knitting stuff. When I do any craft, the last job is always to put away my stuff, this is not my favourite job. My things are often stuffed into a cupboard, bag, box etc.

With the sun shining I took my things into the garden to start a simple hat. The book I use is 'baby knits for beginners' by Debbie Bliss. The book is well used, I've made several hats for friends and family and book has been lent to family for a little knitting project or two.

So pink and white wool at the ready and cast on. The little shoes, I've never attempted but maybe this time. Hopefully I will show you the finished hat tomorrow !!!

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