Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello Mister Postman!

When I buy fabric, I mainly buy on impulse, from a selection of local shops. I have many potential projects floating round in my head (along with the mundane what’s for tea, what clubs are on tonight, etc.). This explains the quantity of fabric I have and the diverse colours etc.

But last week I ventured into online fabric shopping (years behind everyone else). The web site is one I’ve ogled for sometime, fabric rehab. The charm pack, ‘a walk in the woods’ by Aneela Hoey for Moda,  jumped out at me saying  'buy me, buy me'. So this is what awaited me when I arrived home.......

What was inside, shall I show you?

and maybe some more. . .

Sadly the lighting for my photos (nothing to do with ability of photographer) was not great.

So what to do with this charm pack ?

What would you make?

I have a few ideas, but not much time!!!

P.S. go have a look at Fabric Rehab, for a novice shopper it was simple to order and standard delivery only took a few days.

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