Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fire, painted nails and knitting !

Today we had an informal Birthday gathering (just family). The weather was great so we all drank tea and ate cake outdoors. The Birthday boy attempted to light fire (like Bear Grylls) while my daughter painted her nails, lovely colours don't you think. The smallest and newest members of our family tried to keep the grass short. (They'd like to send out a special hello to two special girls over in Sweden)

So back to the knitting. Progress has been made. The hat was easily completed, with a added row of pink wool ideal for any little girl.

The shoes, well what can I say. I'm not very patient and try to avoid any project that requires making two (of anything) so attempting shoes was quite a leap. So I cast on and knit the first shoe, only to realise that I had misread the pattern and would need to take it back.

Not wanting to knit it all again and then again, I chose another pattern. This one was featured (then saved) in Lets Knit, but taken from a book 'Cool Knits For Kids' by Kate Gunn and Robyn Macdonald. But once again patience wasn't with me and my tension wasn't right, so onto Ravelry.

If you haven't yet joined Ravelry I can highly recommend it. I put in a search for free knitting patterns for boot and started to ogle other peoples work. Many patterns later I made my selection. The pattern is on ravelry but can also be accessed at StitchNation

So above is the finished had and two (nearly) finished boots. Sadly I didn't have two suitable pink buttons so had to go for purple.

The next small project is some Hamsterbeans, another pattern off ravelry. If they work I'll get a link to the pattern or search yourself on ravelry (allow lots of time to look, its easy to get sidetracked looking at patterns - most of which are beyond my skill level)

P.S. Please don't compare my finished boots/shoe with the originals ! !


  1. The hat and shoes look really cute. I think I might knit hat and boots for my little girl when I have finished my current knitting

  2. those are absolutely gorgeous! what a lovely present. glad the boys are doing a good job at mowing! xx