Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Doing a bit of this and that.

So today we took a short trip out into the country to visit some family. Sadly now my children are both at school, family catchup's normally happen without the children, so its always nice to include them. I put out my washing before we went (very organised) and it rained all morning!!

Yesterday my parcel arrived from amazon (not fabric! !). This was purchased for the upcoming good weather. The boys would then be able to play out in safety.

Although they enjoyed the plentiful grass we thought they might like a little house. So using all my creative skills, a bit of wire and some pliers we made a 'house'. Not maybe my finest work but I didn't get any complaints.

Well according to my daughter there was something missing, have you guessed?  No!
A campfire of course, what does a Guinea Pig need when out in the 'wilds'

Well its movie night at our house (moved from Friday, to any day now its the school holidays) so on with the popcorn (out with the knitting).

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  1. oh the boys look like they are having great fun!! they just need some marshmallows now to toast on the fire!x