Friday, 20 July 2012

Baking !!

Sorry, no knitting update yet. The hat is done but boy 'o' boy the shoes. . . more of that to come.

So today is baking day (for the third week running I'm baking for a birthday).

All I'm baking is a Victoria sponge cake, with birthday decorations and some fairy cakes.
So all you need is basic ingredients and a cup of tea to wash away the taste of cake mix and butter cream. Yes that's right I can't help myself, I have to lick the spoon and clean the bowl. The bonus of baking when the children are at school is I don't need to share!!!

The two sponges are cooling and the fairy cakes are in the oven. The fairy cakes are to decorate tomorrow, so the children can help. The first baking week was for my daughter, so the cake was 'suppose' to look like a grassy hill with flowers. Then today I did the pirate cake to go with the party bag from my previous post. Just in case you need help, its a desert island with a greeny/blue sea !!

Now due to cake mix and icing I need another cup of tea. Maybe there is time for a little knitting before school pickup. Last day of school, Yippee

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