Sunday, 29 July 2012

Knitting, Hamsterbean and Lego ! ! !

So when did you learn to knit? I definitely can't remember, but I'm sure I would have been around ten. Following that question, have you ever taught someone to knit ?

The question last night was 'Can you teach me to knit?' I thought, I don't know, can I?

Miss (my daughter) selected some wool and some needles and I attempted to show her how to cast on. This was abandoned, it seemed difficult and I didn't want to dampen her enthusiasm. I cast on, then started to show her, 'in the house, around the house, through the house.....' you get the idea. Several rows later (and one or two holes) she was discussing how people knit without looking - so they can watch TV, time to stop for the night I think.

The supervision continued this morning. I started a small project of my own. The finished item looked great in the photo, but knitting in the round is not my thing, practise that's what I need. So cast on, juggle the needle, curse (under your breath) but continue. The pattern is free on ravelry, Hamsterbean, but if you are not yet a member you can see the finished items on etsy.

So do you want to see my Hamsterbean? what do you think he is called?

Adopted by Miss, he is now called - Oly Tom Berry  (Olympic Tomato stawBerry)

How do you entertain a small boy when all this knitting is going on? (well really you leave him too it with his Lego)

What will he produce, a union jack flag of course! ! ! what a clever boy.

Hope your weekend has been full of fun.
Onto the next project for me, maybe something a little bigger!

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  1. I love the colours of this post - my son would love the lego Union Jack....maybe I could suggest he makes one.

    'hello' in return,

    Nina x