Friday, 4 September 2015

The Great Northern Quilt Show

Today my daughter went back to school, I know, going back for just one day  . . .anyway.
As soon as she left the house, we set off for a grand day out!! (I checked, she didn't mind)

We drove over the moors to Harrogate, the weather was glorious and even the calls from the back seat about feeling sick didn't dampen the mood!!!
(My son wasn't sick, he just felt sick!! But it certainly made the journey more interesting)

This weekend its the Great Northern Quilt Show and the quilts on display are definitely great!!
Lots of inspiration and lots of shopping opportunities.

We took are Plastic People, just three, Me, My Son & My Mum.

My son wasn't too interested in the sewing but he chatted all the way round. He discussed the fact that the soap in the toilets was a bit like unicorn blood (from Harry Potter), if you had forty thousand pounds you could buy a Russian tank and if you got a track vehicle licence and rubber tracks you could drive it round, like to your friends. . . . . 

Back to the sewing . . .  I did make a few purchases (no, not a tank).
As usual I bought some random fabric with no project in mind but I also got some books so I can dream about projects but probably never get around to making them!!!

Right, time for a cup of tea and a browse through my books


  1. I'm going on Sunday with friends from my quilt group. Can't wait now after seeing your pics! X

    1. Ooh, enjoy!! i look forward to seeing what catches your eye and what you buy. Sarah

  2. What a wonderful day out, the quilts look amazing.

    1. The quilts where amazing, I especially loved the tiny quilts!! Sarah