Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lino sprinkles

So my library book finally arrived. Its not really a how to lino print, its more about general printing ideas.

Although it had some information about what paint to use on fabric which I found really interesting.

So after a quick read and a loooong look on pinterest, I finally started cutting.

The dining room is sprinkled with lino off cuts!!

Using a super sharp craft knife I cut my first 'stamp' off the sheet. (I decided the dining room table was probably not the best place for this and did the cutting outside)

Then on with some paint. I really need a sponge or sponge roller to apply the paint.
But for a first attempt, I'm really happy.

I have loads of ideas for future 'stamps' . . . . . shopping bags, cushions, tea towels, place mats, etc


  1. Hello! I do quite a lot of lino printing. It's worth investing in two of the rollers (same type, possibly different sizes) - one for inking and one for pressing the design onto the paper.
    An ink tray's useful too. You just squeeze your ink/paint onto it and roll back and forth until it makes a sticky sort of sound (and you have a very thin layer of ink on the roller) then apply it to the lino.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work. It's great fun, even with all those bits to clear up afterwards!
    S x

    1. Thanks Sarah, I've got lots of ideas but not much time at the moment. I've spent way too much time looking on Pinterest when I should have been just having a go!!! Sarah

  2. That really does look like a great hobby, I am tempted to have a go. I love the idea of bags particularly.

    1. Come October, when you need to buy carrier bags, I could be using hand printed shopping bags...........or I could still be faffing about, having not made a one! Sarah