Friday, 11 September 2015

One needs to be two . . . .

I've got the books, I've got a pattern, bought the wool and got the needles. So nothing is stopping me!
Yes I'm knitting socks

It has been a little stressful, ooh what a heal!
 (don't mix knitting socks with drinking wine, otherwise you may need to pull back)

Anyway I have completed one sock. . . . . . Yes I am starting another but I think one pair will be plenty


  1. I look longingly and lovingly at the sock patterns, drool over them and then put them back. I am in awe of all you talented knitters who do socks, maybe one day....

    1. I started out thinking I'd do knee socks but after struggling just knitting round and round, I then decided they would be ankle socks!!! Sarah