Monday, 31 August 2015

Hedgehogs and marshmallows

Many moons ago, during our 30 Days Wild we started a hedgehog house.

It started life as a large wooden box

Than after weeks of doing nothing, we cut it up and refashioned it into a hedgehog house

Now we just need to locate it in a quiet part of the garden and hope for a hedgehog!!

At the moment the children are using the hedgehog house to sit on whilst there kettle boils, hot coffee and toasted marshmallows, yum yum (I'm just using the electric kettle and eating marshmallows in the kitchen, far more civilized)


  1. Sounds good, I will join you in the kitchen.

    1. Definately better in the kitchen, the children had a lovely smokey aroma for the rest of the day!! Sarah