Friday, 21 August 2015

Zoo, zoo, zoo.......

Just a quick post today as I'm absolutely shattered.

Yes you've guessed it we went to the zoo!!
(singing the zoo, zoo, zoo song is optional)

Blackpool Zoo has been a Family tradition since I was a child.

We had lovely weather despite the forecast and the only rain we did get was on the journey home.

They even have dinosaurs, although my son didn't think they matched up to Jurassic World (thank goodness)

Ooh and I remembered the Plastic People!!!


  1. Looks like a great day out, those plastic people are certainly getting out and about this summer.

    1. The plastic people travelled in my sons rucksack, you could hear them rattling away in the box all the way round! Sarah

  2. This brings back happy memories as we visited regularly when I was a child too. Most of our holidays were in Blackpool and we had a caravan at the Marton Mere site nearby and could hear the lions roaring at night. x