Friday, 28 August 2015

Blackpool by tram.

On Tuesday we drove over to Cleveleys on the coast and caught the tram into Blackpool. The children had never been on a tram!!

We had a look around Blackpool, just a few shops then some lunch.
Then after a walk along the front we boarded the tram and did the whole tram route!

Up to Star Gate (the end of the line) where we had to get off the tram as it turned around, then back on. Up the coast to Fleetwood, turn around and back to Cleveleys.
We did get a few funny looks, but we wanted to experience the whole trip!! 


  1. It's years since I've been on a Blackpool tram and then only through the lights. I like the idea of riding the whole line. x

  2. Its years since I did Blackpool, but have fond memories. Sounds like fun riding the tram the whole line.