Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lowther Castle and Yew Tree Barn

We had a Grand Day Out on Wednesday.

We headed up to Lowther Castle 

The sun was shining, making a perfect day for a family walk. 

The children loved the rope swing, I think they could have stayed all day!!!

As I set up the Plastic People for a photo, the children happily fought on the lawn!!
The beautiful view passed them by as the wrestled for about ten minutes.

The gardens are still being uncovered after years of neglect.

The photo below shows an engraving found of the garden from 1707. 

The Castle itself is a ruin and you can only go in part of it at the moment. The gardeners where in the process of planting up the area inside the ruin and I would love to visit again in a few years when its all grown up. 

 Normally I try and do a link to the the website of places I visit, just for your interest. But the Lowther Castle website is really well worth a visit. Its has lots of photos of the process of restoration and even has a aerial video of the Castle.

After lunch we decided to visit a friend of my 'other half's'

He's the resident blacksmith at Yew Tree Barn.

We even had a chance to photograph the Plastic People.

We spent some time watching him work and chatting about the things he was making.

The Barn contains all sorts of treasures, I especially love the numbers in the photo above. I think they are bridge numbers, if only they had my house number!!


  1. You really do take us to some interesting places, the barn looks amazing what a great places to go and watch a craftsman at work.

    1. We've passed that barn on many visits to the lakes and never called in. But it was well worth a visit, lots to see and a cafe for cake and tea!! Sarah

  2. What a lovely post ,so much to see..
    Amanda xx

    1. It was really nice to visit places that are 'new' to us. Lowther Castle is constantly evolving, so hopefully we will visit again. Sarah