Monday, 17 August 2015

Slow Sundays

I have been watching my Bird Box / Wasp Nest for a few weeks. Although we still have a few wasps in the garden, there didn't seem to be any visiting the nest.
So in an effort to reclaim the nest box for the birds, we decided to give it a clean out!!

After our morning of jobs we headed out for a ice cream!!
Our normal 'ice cream' shop had a huge queue so we went to Glasson Dock.

Its a while since we visited, but the house boat is still very much sunk!!!!

Ooh and I forgot the Plastic People. . . . 


  1. Even though I am not to keen on wasps, the nest they build is amazing, were you thinking of keeping it ? and how nice to go out for Ice cream.
    Amanda xx

    1. The nest really was beautiful, but it really smelt bad!! Not sure if that's normal but I afraid it had to go. Sarah