Friday, 23 September 2016

School Germs

This week my Son started with a cold, it doesn't take long after there back to school for the germ sharing to start!!

So yesterday, to be blunt, there was way too much snot to send him to school.

Today he seemed a little better but wasn't well enough for school (so he said)

So to blow away some of the germ we headed out for a sneaky walk 
(I say sneaky because I was brought up to believe that if you're too ill for work/school you shouldn't leave the house!!)

It wasn't just the two of us, we have a house guest this week!!

This is my Mum and Dads dog, on holiday with us whilst my Mum and Dad are on there holidays

One thing I have realised is that holding the lead and trying to take photos is nearly impossible, much better to hand her over to the 'sick child'

We had a lovely walk, super fast, stop and sniff, super fast, stop and sniff...... 

Back home and they are both lounging in front of the TV, peace at last.

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  1. I bet a little bit of fresh air did him a power of good, hopefully he is on the mend.