Saturday, 1 October 2016

Maybe just one more pet . . . . .

On Thursday evening, whilst watching nothing much on TV, my Son announces that he'd like a pet Octopus!!!

He had a look on Google and told me LOTS of  Octopus facts.
(On and on he went . . . . )

Friday morning he mentioned again about how cool it would be to have a Octopus as a pet, whats a Mum to do?

So I fashioned a pattern and found some suitable fabric and got started.

I had until 3.30 to get him/her finished.

The legs (all eight of them!!) where pretty easy, but attaching them all together was  . . . . . .tricky!

Time was rushing by. definitely not time to worry about tiding up all the ends.

Using a drinking straw, a thick needle and some doubled up thread I managed to turn the legs right side out.

Filled with stuffing (body only) and the hole sewn up, just in time.

So there you have it, a pet Octopus for a very happy boy.

Ooh and his name is Geoffrey.


  1. He is wonderful, such a great make.

  2. That is so gorgeous!

    I am a big fan of cephalopods of all kinds, so beautiful and all round amazing.