Thursday, 13 October 2016

On the horns of a decision!! (or maybe the antlers of a decision)

So I've had a sewing project waiting in my head for weeks and weeks.

Sometimes I struggle to motivate myself to get the sewing machine out.

This week I finally started cutting fabric. 

I think the technique is called 'winging it' 

After some unpicking I could finally see the beast taking shape.

So I now have one reindeer!

The question is, do I continue and make another eight (for a quilt) or
 do the sensible thing and make a cushion!!!


  1. That is amazing, carry on and make the quilt. What a heirloom that would make, something to treasure and get out every year.

  2. Oooh, only just seen this. A quilt gets my vote, you kind of sound like you want to turn it into a quilt!