Thursday, 27 October 2016

I'm ranting! (feel free not to read)

Over the last six years I have been juggling two jobs.

In both jobs I have been self employed, no security, holidays, sick pay and I've needed an Accountant.

One job was low paid, low skilled, but regular hours.
The other job is better paid, more skill required, but often no work for months.

I suppose its similar to having a zero hour contract and if you listen to the media, they're GREAT.

So a few weeks ago I had an email saying not to come in the following week as there was no work. O.K I thought, its only one week!! But it wasn't only one week, I received a similar email every week in October.

 All business can go through 'low work' periods but this wasn't the case. 

The person I had been working with for six years had advertised for my replacement without having the common courtesy of telling me I wouldn't be getting any further work.

This week I returned my keys.

I do still feel very cross but this rant is the end of the matter, I have to stop going over it in my head, its done.

Luckily I have my other work and today I also have Autumn leaves and PVA glue.

Time for a cup of tea, rant over!!


  1. That is no way to treat anyone. Love the beautiful tea light holders. What would we do without PVA glue?

  2. How unprofessional! Hope you feel better for getting it off your chest.