Friday, 9 September 2016

Quilt stack

The trip to the Great Northern Quilt Show started me thinking 
about another quilt. . . .

I gathered up some of the quilts I have hanging around and decided to get a few photos. . . 

The quilt above isn't mine, It belongs to my Daughter. She was given it by my Mum just after she was born and its been on her cot then bed ever since!

My interest in sewing has always been there but several years ago I decided to have a go at making a quilt. The quilt above is my first quilt (I also made a mini version)

Lots of sewing later and I made my Daughter another quilt.
(There's a bit about it here and here)

Going away from girl colours, I made my Son a quilt, making it up as I went along!!

Last year I made a 'Bed Runner' sort of thing to go along the bottom of our bed.
(Some thing that you make, you enjoy and look forward to seeing the finished item. This project I soon fell 'out of love' with, I didn't really enjoy making it and only finished it so I could start something new)

So back to looking through my new book, mulling over ideas. . . . .

Thinking, I'm sure I've made another quilt. . . . . 

I realised I was sat on the one shown above, we have it on the back of our sofa.

I've spent the afternoon looking through my Blog and I've actually made lots of stuff in the last few years!!!
 But what to make next? I'd really like to use fabric from my stash, maybe I need to keep looking at my books and have another cup of tea!

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  1. Lovely quilts. I especially like your son's and the one you were sat on! Going to the Festival of Quilts has given me a push to get on with quilting my latest one. I can sympathise with the falling out of love feeling - it happens most times to me when I get to the quilting stage as I much prefer the patchwork side. I have to get this one finished though as my group are having an exhibition next year! x