Sunday, 4 September 2016

Give the girl a seat.

Before the summer holidays my Daughter had a incident with her chair!!

She said due to the amount of homework she gets, she had overused her chair and split it!!

It should have been a simple fix, but it got put off and put off.

Last week, with the homework season looming, we had a trip to the fabric shop to buy some sturdy fabric.

The plan was to 'wing it', you know, when you start in a rush with no real plan other than to get it done.

In an effort to make it strong I nearly made it too fat to fit the grooves, but with an extra pair of hand to thread the fabric and dowels into the grooves, it was done.

So the finished chair, ready for testing . . . . 

Don't sit like that, sit nicely . . . . 

And don't just sit in the middle of the kitchen, be off with you child . . . . 

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