Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bye bye kitchen from 1970 . . . .

So many moons ago I mentioned our 'kitchen project'

Our old kitchen was . . . . . very old.
Probably installed when the house was built in early 1970.

(If the Video works it shows the project from start to finish. I was really struggling getting my slide show to work, so after I googled it I just asked my daughter and she did it for me. That should be a suggestion on google, ask a teenager!!

If the video doesn't work for you, then here are some finished photos)

We have done most of the work ourselves.

We got my brother in law for electrical instruction and connection.

We also got in a professional for the worktop joints.

And we relied on family for:
General advise
General assistance
Being bored rigid listening to kitchen talk but hiding it really well.

So to celebrate finishing off the extractor fan today, I might bake tomorrow.
I always feel like baking after watching Bake Off

I'm hoping these extra videos might work for people viewing on tablets (mainly my Mum and Sisters)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lino sprinkles

So my library book finally arrived. Its not really a how to lino print, its more about general printing ideas.

Although it had some information about what paint to use on fabric which I found really interesting.

So after a quick read and a loooong look on pinterest, I finally started cutting.

The dining room is sprinkled with lino off cuts!!

Using a super sharp craft knife I cut my first 'stamp' off the sheet. (I decided the dining room table was probably not the best place for this and did the cutting outside)

Then on with some paint. I really need a sponge or sponge roller to apply the paint.
But for a first attempt, I'm really happy.

I have loads of ideas for future 'stamps' . . . . . shopping bags, cushions, tea towels, place mats, etc

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Getting some help.

This week I am working with a new assistant.
I hoped it would speed along a new project I'm working on.

Using the grey fabric from the quilt show, I'm going to make a runner for my bed.
Just big enough to cover our feet, for the winter ahead. (that give me a good deadline!!)

I did the drawing of the stars, whilst my assistant checked on the rabbits and guinea pig.

I did the ironing whilst my assistant busied herself in the lounge/front room.

I did the sewing together whilst my assistant checked for post. 

I did the ironing whilst my assistant  . . . . . 

Relaxed in the middle of the kitchen, always just where you want to walk.
Deciding to move just as your stepping over her!!!

Maybe I shouldn't expect her to do much work, she is after all on her holidays!!!!

Friday, 11 September 2015

One needs to be two . . . .

I've got the books, I've got a pattern, bought the wool and got the needles. So nothing is stopping me!
Yes I'm knitting socks

It has been a little stressful, ooh what a heal!
 (don't mix knitting socks with drinking wine, otherwise you may need to pull back)

Anyway I have completed one sock. . . . . . Yes I am starting another but I think one pair will be plenty

Monday, 7 September 2015

One more craft . . . . .

Well today started early . . . 2:15 to be precise.
Yes I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.
The worry of back to school and work, I think.

The children both got away to school and I left for work.
I spent a bit of time gazing out of the shop window, watching the Tour of Britain.

Whilst out the postman called . . . . yes it was a parcel.

So, sat in the garden with my cup of tea, do you want to see what it is?

Oh yes its another project!!

This was a lovely prize / give-away from over at nine to five.

Lino cutting and printing is a craft I've fancied doing for a while after stumbling on Geninnes Art Blog ages ago. Now I'm going to look at the library online to see if I can reserve a book!!

Once again a big thanks to Nine to Five!!!

Friday, 4 September 2015

The Great Northern Quilt Show

Today my daughter went back to school, I know, going back for just one day  . . .anyway.
As soon as she left the house, we set off for a grand day out!! (I checked, she didn't mind)

We drove over the moors to Harrogate, the weather was glorious and even the calls from the back seat about feeling sick didn't dampen the mood!!!
(My son wasn't sick, he just felt sick!! But it certainly made the journey more interesting)

This weekend its the Great Northern Quilt Show and the quilts on display are definitely great!!
Lots of inspiration and lots of shopping opportunities.

We took are Plastic People, just three, Me, My Son & My Mum.

My son wasn't too interested in the sewing but he chatted all the way round. He discussed the fact that the soap in the toilets was a bit like unicorn blood (from Harry Potter), if you had forty thousand pounds you could buy a Russian tank and if you got a track vehicle licence and rubber tracks you could drive it round, like to your friends. . . . . 

Back to the sewing . . .  I did make a few purchases (no, not a tank).
As usual I bought some random fabric with no project in mind but I also got some books so I can dream about projects but probably never get around to making them!!!

Right, time for a cup of tea and a browse through my books