Saturday, 1 September 2012

My gardening dream!!!

So as much as I love crafts, if the sun shines I love to be outside. After many years of only having a small back yard, I now have a small garden. One plant I have always admired is the Auricula. Its often expensive to buy and rumoured to be difficult to grow. But this year I bought my First (hopefully of many) Auricula, Piers Telford.

After mentioning this plant to a dear friend I acquired three more. It turns out her garden has a spot with perfect conditions to grow auriculas. So my extra three (if I don't kill them) will be a surprise colour. Shall I show you my dream?

Following on from my obsession with blackboard paint, an ideas was born.

A little fine tuning will be needed - no zig zag edges on the next batch, don't do the sticking on of stickers on a windy day, don't start just before tea time, etc. So the finished pot will just need some gravel then the plant can go in. Do you want a look at a 'work in progress'. Next time a nice rectangular box ready for plant name


  1. Oh how funny. I bought myself a few early in the eyar and I'm just wondering if they'll survive the winter. I didn'y know if I should split them, deadhead them or what after flowering. I've got them high up away from the ground and the slugs but still they have holes in them. I live in a very windy spot. My garden was a total desert this summer apart form a lot of strawberries ..which were all eaten by slugs the minute they looked red.

  2. Hi, just stumbled on your blog and had to comment - one of my dreams too! I have a small collection but would love a big display like that : )