Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bye bye Summer!

This weekend has been surprisingly nice, weather wise. But looking around my little garden you definitely feel summer has past us by.

Way back in June I did one of my favourite jobs of the summer season, putting up my bunting. When we moved to this house I made some bunting (flags) for the garden and now I put it up every year. Sadly the colour has faded but it still gives a summery feel to a not so summery summer!!

This weekend with the summer coming to an end and the children back at school, I have embraced the upcoming autumn by bringing in the bunting.

I have turned a blind eye to the caterpillars eating my nasturtiums (collected happily by my little boy, just to watch, then release).

I have enjoyed picking the few ripe tomatoes and the cucumbers in my green house.

But now we must move on. Now we must look at books, surf the Internet, look for Christmas craft projects. Definitely time to move forward. What about some lovely knitted sock decorations or maybe some Christmas themed bunting.

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  1. I know what you mean - it have definitely turned.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina x