Friday, 7 September 2012

Its a wrap!!

When I start a project, due to bad management  storage solutions, I often can't find all I need to make a start. When knitting I have been known to buy the needles when buying the wool (because I'm lazy and I don't want to look to see if I have the correct size needle!!).

So I recently gathered together all my knitting 'stuff' to sort out. What I needed was a knitting wrap!

So this is some of the stuff I would need to store (sometimes you shock yourself when you realise how much craft stuff you have - that's why I didn't photograph it all together. Also if it shocks me, what would it do to my other half!!!)

I had already purchased some fabric for the main body of the wrap. So with some items from my stash and a little children free time I started.

There are lots of design ideas on the Internet for knitting storage but in the end I just did my own!!

I was really pleased with it when I'd finished, especially when I put in the most of the knitting things. I think its a trick of the eye, but it doesn't look like I've too much stuff anymore. Actually I think it would benefit from a extra pair of scissors and a note book!!


  1. Hey Sarah, good on you for getting your knitting bits and pieces sorted and in one place. Your wrap looks great and I'm sure you'll be pleased you made it.
    I know the frustration of searching all over the house
    for things and doubling up when buying supplies!!

    Claire :}

  2. Looks perfect to me, love the fabric. Kx