Friday, 28 September 2012

One or two jobs and a bit of knitting!!

So a few weeks ago I made a fish tank (like you do!!) to accommodate a small knitted fish. The fish was lonely so I continued to knit. The colours are pretty random as they are out of my stash. The extra fish also needed a home, so off to our bathroom (which is pretty old and mainly white).
Using invisible thread and cellotape I attached my fish to the airing cupboard door (it sounds easy, but invisible thread is hard to use. I looked like a mime artist, trying to find the ends and untangle the mess).
I'm really happy with my fish family, they brighten up the bathroom. Once again my photography skills are not great but I'm sure you get the idea.
The weather towards the end of the week has improved, so outdoors I went. After my recent post about auricula's I received some seeds from my friend with instructions included. Sow before the end of September!! Job done.

The next outdoor job was power washing my patio. Patio is a very loose term, the paving outside is also pretty old. It doesn't drain it just puddles, so by this time of year its very slippy. I'm too embarrassed to show you a before and after photo.

Out with the knitting needles and another baby girl hat. I've knit this one on double pointed needles which means no sewing up at the end. But just look at all the ends!! the double pointed needle method would have been great if I'd used just one colour.
Last job for today was a 'Great British Bake Off' challenge. Two children, two lots off cookie dough, chosen cutters and NO EATING THE DOUGH UNTIL THE END.
My little boy chose dog bones and my daughter chose ghosts. They all taste the same and will be gone in a few days!!


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