Sunday, 23 September 2012

Please can we have some sun?

Slowly we are getting back into the school/work routine. Add in the start of after school clubs, Beavers, gymnastics (not me personally) etc. and you get a pretty busy household. Naively I thought blogging would be easier when we got back to school, but I was wrong. No crafts took place this week although I did lots of mental planning (meaning all in my head sort of plans).

The weather improved this weekend slightly, so as half the family went swimming, the other half had a little trip out with my Mum. We headed for our local garden centre for a little winter colour.

On Sunday we set off for Ormskirk for a continental market. There was a definite chill in the air as we walked around the town. The children had a play in the park, but with the promise of hot tea for the adults, we didn't linger long.

I don't want to promise any crafting will take place this week as my plans never seem to amount to much. But at least I have plans!!

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