Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Giants Final Visit

What a day we've had!!

After an early start, we boarded the train to Liverpool.

The Giants had returned for a final trip around the city

We watched the giant waking on a boat in the docks. Then watched him as he headed off into the city.

The crowds where enormous and it was difficult to get anywhere near the front.

We had a quick picnic lunch then tried to see the little boy and his dog.

My Brother-in-law was determined and he got the picture of the dog and the Giant soaking his feet.

So pleased we made the effort to see them again. (previous visit)

There are some great photos and videos online but nothing beats seeing them in the 'flesh'.


  1. so amazing!!!! i saw this on bbc news in the morning of friday...Ive seen the girl one on youtube b4, but amazing to see it for real...x

  2. What an amazing sight, I have seen them on the TV but would have loved to have seen them for real.