Tuesday, 23 October 2018

A friend for Dominic.

On Sunday I had a go at making a friend for Dominic

I was thinking Bunny
 (We do like Bunnies at our house, especially Margo and BB8)

I sketched out a pattern, cut out, tacked together, unpicked, trimmed, tacked together, unpicked . . . . and on and on.

Eventually reaching the 'Stuff it' stage. 

So here she is, currently un-named, but looking ever so pretty!

Then we visited the fabric shop to buy grey fabric for maybe another Bunny . . . 
Yes, we got pink instead (they had no grey the right shade)
So watch this space for a pink Bunny and maybe something else . . . 


  1. Amazing, you are one talented lady.

  2. thats really lovely, such talent. glad i found your blog again x kazzy x