Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dogs and coats . . . . .

I've got mixed feelings about dogs dressed up in clothes.
But I would like Penny to be able to wear some sort of rain coat, especially when shes older and our walks are looooong. 

When shes fully grown I'll buy her a nice rain coat but until then she needs to feel happy and comfortable wearing a jacket!!!

I had a little look on the internet at 'Dog Coat Patterns' , then had a measure of the dog.
This was fun, Penny thought it was a great game!!!

After a rummage in my fabric stash for some fabric, I settled on some fleece.
Then out came the sewing machine.
(In between using the machine the foot pedal had to go on the table, the wire was toooo tempting)

My model was a little reluctant to try on her coat.

She just needed a nap. . . . . . 

After a sleep she was happy to try the coat on but very difficult to photograph!

I am pleased with the finished coat and I might make another with some shower resistant fabric.

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