Monday, 6 March 2017

Squeezing in some sewing time.

My Life at the moment revolves around Penny!!

She takes up all my days and keeps me awake late into the night and gets me up nice and early in the morning.

So just over a week ago I gave myself the day off, it was all a bit last minute but I NEEDED A DAY OFF!!

It just happened to be the Harrogate Spring Quilt Festival. . . . . .

I didn't have a project in mind but got a little bit of fabric just in case!!

Whilst the beast Penny was asleep the other day I had a sort through my Mini Charm packs.

Luckily Penny sleeps through the noise the sewing machine makes, but when she is awake I have to lift the foot peddle onto the table otherwise she tries to chew the wire. 

I used some fabric from my stash.

Lots of cutting, sewing, ironing and trimming.
 (also I did some standing outside willing the dog to hurry up and have a wee)

Then sew it all together!

I've still got to add some backing fabric and decide how to quilt it. 
(and then what to do with it, theirs only so many blankets/quilts you need as a family)

But for now I'll just enjoy the piece whilst my little friend has a nap.

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