Thursday, 16 March 2017

On a long lead. . . . .

 Penny's been able to get out and about for a couple of weeks now.
We often head out for a small walk after dropping my Son at school.

The lead needs to be short, with prams, children, parents, scooters and bikes, not to mention the heavy traffic!

But today we took the car and drove to Beacon Fell Country Park.

Lots to see for Penny, on a lovely long lead and no pulling her in close to avoid 'stuff'

We walked through the woods and out onto the rough grass.
(which Penny loved, lots of sniffing to be done)

We called at the small pond which was covered in frog spawn.

And just by chance spotted one of the new sculptures!!

Penny enjoyed jumping up on the many tree stumps . . . . 

But shes really just a little puppy, not quite big enough yet!!


  1. Oh Penny is just soooo cute! Spaniels have always been my favourite ever since we used to dog-sit my auntie's golden cocker went she went on holiday. I keep meaning to visit Beacon Fell and the sculptures are definitely pushing it further up my list! x

    1. I will be visiting again this week because there is a new dragonfly sculpture somewhere!!!