Sunday, 26 February 2017

Penny's Grand Day Out

Today Penny had a grand day out.

We had an 'uneventful' car journey.
 (On Penny's first journey in the car, alone in the back, she had multiple accidents)

Although the wind was biting and we all felt the cold, Penny loved the sea!!

She is very busy and had no time to pose for photos!

After dipping her paws in the sea we headed for the sand dunes

My son loves the dunes and always has a roll in the sand, filling his wellies full of sand.

I had thought I'd need to carry Penny back to the car, thinking she'd be exhausted but no!
She set a fast pace.

Back home for a mad run around outside and a quick pose for a photo!


  1. She is adorable, sounds like a great trip out.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous!

    The beach has looked amazing this weekend, a great time to visit the coast I'd say.