Sunday, 25 October 2015

When Herman came to tea.

Our house is going through a busy spell. We've had lots going on with school and work, half term approaching, dead lines to meet, all sorts of stuff going on.

So when my son arrived home from school with Herman it was just another thing to think about on my ever growing list.

This is Herman on day two of his visit, he looks happy in his bowl, bubbling away, making the kitchen smell of. . . . . .  . . . well Herman (you'll know the smell if you've had him to stay)

Yesterday we fed him one last time before his long journey to his new home(s)

Today we added a few extras to our Herman stew before we put our house guest in the oven.

And finally we could tuck in and eat him, bye bye Herman it was lovely having you to stay but even better having you with a cut of tea!!!

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  1. I have a cousin of Herman; he is a bread version, but he is safely locked up in a big kilner jar at the back of the fridge. Poor Herman was created by me, nearly three years ago, but never used - in fact, until I read this, I had almost forgotten about him!