Monday, 5 October 2015

Finally I have two. . . .

So my sock knitting journey started many weeks ago.

I can say its definitely been a learning experience.

Many of the mistakes will be invisible to the 'non sock knitters' out there.

But they are finished !!!

The pattern was a free pattern off the internet.
Will I be using it again?
No way!!! 

Next time (yes there will be a next time) I will research my pattern and make sure its easier to understand.
I might even try knitting two socks at once to avoid 'second sock syndrome'.


  1. Well done you for your persistence, my dear Mum has been trying to teach me but to no avail. Yours look amazing.

    1. I love using the circular needle because when I leave my knitting lying around the children don't accidentally pull it off the needle!!! Maybe one day you'll conquer 'sock knitting'. Sarah

  2. Congratulations! Socks are hard, the first time round. I've not tried it for 25 years, and am surprised I ever managed it. so well done, and no, I cannot see any mistakes!

    1. Sometimes I just need to accomplish a new 'craft' I might not knit socks again for 25 years!! Sarah

  3. They look great! I just couldn't do anything like that, my patience wouldn't be up to it. x