Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Visiting a Cathedral.

In the school holidays we like to meet up with family.
This week we visited my Sister and family whilst they stayed in the Lake District.

No sitting around admiring the view, ooh no no!!
We headed out of Coniston to visit the Cathedral Quarry.

Oh how I wished we'd taken a torch, there is a 'secret tunnel' that my son wanted to check out but other visitors said we'd need a torch!! Maybe next time.

We saw these autumnal highland cows, but how do you catch a cows attention? 
Why will they not smile for the camera??

The sun didn't shine all day but it was breathtakingly beautiful up on the hills today, definitely just what we needed.

And even the small legs in the family manage to walk all the way round
(even if we needed to bride them with biscuits)

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  1. Highland cows, the Lake District and biscuits - lots of lovely things! I hope you had something nice and hearty to eat afterwards :)