Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday afternoon . . . .

I know 'Us Brits' love to talk about the weather, but we've had some glorious days in September and October.

This afternoon we headed to Brockhole nature reserve.

We are lucky to be able to park and walk through the woods, avoiding the busy car park!

Today they had a Vintage fair on and it was super busy.

After a look in the 'pond dipping' pond and a quick go on the park, we just had the big hill to climb, back to the car. 

Only two weeks until half term, fingers crossed for more sunny days like today in the holidays.


  1. I can't believe how wonderful September was with regard to the weather, a true Indian summer sort of made up for the rubbish summer.

    1. Don't listen to the long range forecast because it says prepare for a super cold and snowy winter!!! Sarah