Thursday, 11 June 2015

Playing out

Day 11

So today I've spent most of the day outside.
I've planted, re-potted, trimmed and generally tidied up outside!

I've appreciated that although my garden won't win awards, it is a lovely space, especially on a beautiful day like today.

I can even appreciate the daisy's ! 

Bugsie enjoyed a play out!

And when my son got home from school he helped me 're home' some lily beetles

There happily living in the green recycle bin, until Monday (bin day) when they will be living . . . . .somewhere else. . . .


  1. Nice post, great photos. Your garden looks good, I so love that ceramic snail!

  2. Good job done, it's nice to sit back and look at your garden when you have had a good tidy...
    Amanda xx