Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Big Birds......... (go away)

Day 3

So today we have both done our 'wild' thing before tea!!

My Sons school has an area of woodland on the outskirts of our town where they often go to spend the day. The whole of the juniors have spent today taking part in outdoor activities. Then the teachers and volunteers walk them back to school for 3.30. 

I think that will count as a wild day!! I'll get a full account of what went on later.

For My 'wild' thing, I adjusted my bird feeder

On Monday when we fed the birds we had quite a few large visitors!! I am worried that these may snack on small/baby birds that are nesting in our garden. I attached some temporary wire to keep them off but it looked awful. So with a bit of wire I created a 'big bird deterrent'.


  1. Nice act of random wildness Sarah. The finished 'big bird deterrent' looks good.

    1. Normally all birds would be welcome!! But not in fledging season. Sarah