Sunday, 21 June 2015

Only a bit wild. . . . .

Day 19

Today was an easy 'wild thing' (if it really counts!)

The weather has been a bit chilly here in the UK.
I try and grow some veg every year, and normally I would have all my courgettes planted out by now. The first batch that went out have either grown very slowly or been completely eaten by slugs.

The last few plants have stayed in the green house.

So with the arrival of a big wooden box (my other half can get them from work) I just needed some extra compost.

So for my semi-wild thing, we planted out our courgettes in the green house. Its not much but it kept my little boy out side (even if he did spend some of his time messing with the trail cam)


  1. Good luck with the courgettes.

    1. I've planted yellow and green ones this year. If they all produce fruit we'll have courgette coming out of our ears!!!