Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Birthday Number 1

This year is passing so quickly that my Daughters birthday just crept up on me.

She had LOADS of ideas about the theme and what 'we' needed to do.

Early this week I made a paper birthday banner.

Sent out some invitations!!

Baked and iced.

Baked some more. . .

Iced some more. . 

Then onto the party.
She had a sleepover on Friday night then a family party on Sunday.

Her birthday isn't until early next week but she opened a few presents.

There was lots of cake, lots of chatting and a bit of dancing.

There was some friendly trampolining.
 (although the photos look a bit like my daughter is attacking her little cousin)

Then a water fight broke out, it spread from the garden out into the street. (I stayed dry !!!)
Then after the rowdy (wet) guests had gone we got the sprinkler out to cool the children down.
Great day, glorious weather and lots of cake!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(no water)

So on Friday, as my Daughter was just about to set off to school, I received a text

Due to unavoidable circumstances (no water) school will be CLOSED today. Apologies but we have only just found out. All GCSE Furthers Maths MUST ATTEND TODAY.

What to do? Well luckily my Daughter had lots of ideas !!(none including my normal Friday jobs).

I was given the job as 'Hot glue gun' operator, whilst my Daughter made her History Project.

The Project was to build a castle, I suggested the castle used in the filming of Harry Potter (Alnwick Castle), but my Daughter said she was doing the castle out of Frozen. (She said even though it was a History Project this would be fine !!! )

Now we just need to transport the castle to school. . . . . . 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New Tent !!

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded our tent.

On Friday, after school, we packed up the car and headed out to test the tent.

The tent wasn't quite as easy to put up as the old one, even though the weather was perfect. (no rain and wind)

Solar powered fairy lights? well yes, part of the essentials!!!

The sunset was glorious and even after it went dark the kids where still playing football.

The tent was a great success, but I'm not sure about camping for a weekend.
The washing when we got home and the panic about school uniforms, homework, etc was not enjoyable!!


This is where I grew up and my childhood was idyllic.
Last week a big piece of my childhood jigsaw of memories, died suddenly at home.
Hopefully soon we will be able to look back at our memories of the past and smile,
 and the pain we feel now will fade away.

Gone, but never forgotten.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Floaty fabric!!!

On a recent shopping trip with my daughter, after I realised that our taste in clothing was eons apart, we both spotted this dress. I casually said 'ooh this is nice' and then awaited the look of disgust on her face!!

But, shock horror, she said 'yes its nice'. Quick get to the till and pay.....

So on to the sewing. . . . 

I've had my eye on this fabric for a while, then the idea formed, with a suitable lining it would make a lovely dress.  (and yes before I started sewing I checked with madam and yes she would wear it!!)

Using my trusty baking paper I traced the shape of the dress.

Cut, sew, unpick, use foul language, curse thin floaty fabric, sew, try on, carefully iron, loose interest, sew, try on . . . . then hem!!!

I still need to sew on a fastener for the back of the neck, but the weather was nice so we took some photos.

So the photos look OK, but you really need to see it on my model. 

She said the shoes would look great !!!
Not sure about the hair maybe she should have tied it up, she looks a bit like Cousin Itt