Sunday, 8 June 2014

Floaty fabric!!!

On a recent shopping trip with my daughter, after I realised that our taste in clothing was eons apart, we both spotted this dress. I casually said 'ooh this is nice' and then awaited the look of disgust on her face!!

But, shock horror, she said 'yes its nice'. Quick get to the till and pay.....

So on to the sewing. . . . 

I've had my eye on this fabric for a while, then the idea formed, with a suitable lining it would make a lovely dress.  (and yes before I started sewing I checked with madam and yes she would wear it!!)

Using my trusty baking paper I traced the shape of the dress.

Cut, sew, unpick, use foul language, curse thin floaty fabric, sew, try on, carefully iron, loose interest, sew, try on . . . . then hem!!!

I still need to sew on a fastener for the back of the neck, but the weather was nice so we took some photos.

So the photos look OK, but you really need to see it on my model. 

She said the shoes would look great !!!
Not sure about the hair maybe she should have tied it up, she looks a bit like Cousin Itt


  1. I love the shoes with the dress! And the dress is a really effective shape. It's good when tastes finally match! My daughter is 12 and still guided a little by me saying something isn't suitable! But I know that's just a temporary thing.

  2. What a great dress and how clever of you to have made it. Love the model and her free hair which is a gorgeous colour. I'm a fellow cousin It lookalike in the wind too but I cant bear all the flattened 'chip fat' straightened styles.

  3. Gosh - I have to agree, what a lovely dress and a super job you've done stitching.

    Nina x