Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(no water)

So on Friday, as my Daughter was just about to set off to school, I received a text

Due to unavoidable circumstances (no water) school will be CLOSED today. Apologies but we have only just found out. All GCSE Furthers Maths MUST ATTEND TODAY.

What to do? Well luckily my Daughter had lots of ideas !!(none including my normal Friday jobs).

I was given the job as 'Hot glue gun' operator, whilst my Daughter made her History Project.

The Project was to build a castle, I suggested the castle used in the filming of Harry Potter (Alnwick Castle), but my Daughter said she was doing the castle out of Frozen. (She said even though it was a History Project this would be fine !!! )

Now we just need to transport the castle to school. . . . . . 


  1. All you need is Elsa to make a slippy ice path all the way to school.....
    Love the castle. I'm with your daughter that the fictional castle will do just fine!

    1. We couldn't get the slippery path or even Sven with his sledge, no we used the car!! Let's just see if the History teacher knows about Frozen! Sarah