Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New Tent !!

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded our tent.

On Friday, after school, we packed up the car and headed out to test the tent.

The tent wasn't quite as easy to put up as the old one, even though the weather was perfect. (no rain and wind)

Solar powered fairy lights? well yes, part of the essentials!!!

The sunset was glorious and even after it went dark the kids where still playing football.

The tent was a great success, but I'm not sure about camping for a weekend.
The washing when we got home and the panic about school uniforms, homework, etc was not enjoyable!!


  1. Hay you, hope you are ok.. The tent looks great, but have to say I realy hate campiing... I like the idea of it all, but I still do not like it. I need a toilet and coffee on tap.. So sadly my kids have never been apart from the back garden.

    1. Back garden camping is pretty good. As kids my Dad pitched our tent in a barn (using nails!!), then rigged up a TV just in front of the tent !! I keep forgetting to look at your other blog but I am hoping to update my blog list, so then I can keep uptodate. Sarah

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