Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Birthday Number 1

This year is passing so quickly that my Daughters birthday just crept up on me.

She had LOADS of ideas about the theme and what 'we' needed to do.

Early this week I made a paper birthday banner.

Sent out some invitations!!

Baked and iced.

Baked some more. . .

Iced some more. . 

Then onto the party.
She had a sleepover on Friday night then a family party on Sunday.

Her birthday isn't until early next week but she opened a few presents.

There was lots of cake, lots of chatting and a bit of dancing.

There was some friendly trampolining.
 (although the photos look a bit like my daughter is attacking her little cousin)

Then a water fight broke out, it spread from the garden out into the street. (I stayed dry !!!)
Then after the rowdy (wet) guests had gone we got the sprinkler out to cool the children down.
Great day, glorious weather and lots of cake!!

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