Saturday, 9 August 2014

Winter knitting in summer.

My Little boy is doing a reading challenge over the summer at our local library.
On a recent visit, just to pass some time, I had a little look in the knitting section.

Luckily I had my library card!!!

What to knit? ooh the debate.

On the short list are:
The super soft cape (for me),
The hat with horns (for my daughter),
or the gloves with acorns (for me).

A lot depend on whether or not you can get the wool. . . 

So after a trip to the wool shop, I am now knitting the hat with horns!

Its great to be knitting again.

The hat is done and now I'm knitting an ear.

Ooh how I hate knitting two of anything, but I'm told
 'the hat will look silly with one horn and one ear'

Yes I know!!


  1. Lovely looking books, cant wait to see the completed hat!


    1. They are both lovely books, I love it when you can get them at the library. BUT I do love owning the books just to look at!!! Sarah

  2. Great books, I liked all of the patterns on the short list but my favourite were the mittens.

    1. I think the mittens will be next!! The hat and ears are done, but I'm not happy with the horns. So I'm looking for some 'wool' wool, so I can have a go at felting them. Sarah

  3. I love that hat!!! :) What a gorgeous book, I think you need that one for your collection! ;) x