Friday, 29 August 2014

Cramming it in. . . .

Following on from a previous post about the summer holidays going too fast, we have now started to 'cram in loads of stuff'

First we had a trip to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Its very impressive and spread across several buildings.

The 'sewers' where especially entertaining for the children!!!

Then we did a quick tour of the shops in search of a new school bag for my Daughter.

We've also accomplish our pilgrimage to 'the beach' (any local beach will do, but you really must go in the summer holidays - its tradition!!) 

We visited in April to look at the shell in the photo above, looks a lot different when the tides in on a grey day!

The sulky looking Daughter is waiting for Son to get very wet! She didn't need to wait long, then he walked a bit funny and had to strip before getting in the car, after emptying all the water out of his wellies. 

We've also done uniform shopping and visited some family. Bring on next week for some more 'cramming'.


  1. You have visited some great places, think I have let summer slip away this year, we started back at collage last week...are your children excited about going back to school next week or are you!!
    Amanda xx

  2. Some great trips out, making some wonderful memories.