Sunday, 17 August 2014

Our Holiday Part Two

 So after a lovely breakfast on Wednesday morning we set off for Cornwall.

We stopped on the way at Lyme Regis. What should I say about Lyme Regis?  WOW.
I really loved it, the beautiful gardens, the beach and harbor, the quirky shops and narrow streets, I could go on. I really wish we'd  had more time but sadly we had to carry on.

 On Thursday we went to The Eden Project.

This is somewhere I've wanted to visit for years!!

We arrived early and headed straight for the Biomes.
The first one was the Mediterranean Biome, it was beautiful and so lovely and warm.

The Rainforrest Biome was next and it was huge!! and very humid. They even had a cool room where you could call for medical backup.

The signs said to watch out for animals and my Daughter spotted a lizard (in the top right photo)

There was lots to see but be ready for walking, it covers a huge area and being in a 50m crater, its quite hilly.

So Thursday evening was our final evening before we went home. Personally I don't feel like the holiday is complete without dipping your toes in the sea. 
With that in mind we headed for the seaside village of  Charlestown

We all really enjoyed our holiday and will hopefully be heading back next year. 


  1. Sounds like some real fun was had by all making some wonderful memories. Its on my list to visit the Eden project.

    1. If you visit The Eden Project, go early. It was very busy, but very enjoyable. Sarah

  2. Lyme Regis is one of my favourite places to visit but I have yet to go to the Eden Project.

    I saw your note on Amanda's Stuck Foot Post.

    Do think about writing a Stuck Foot Post. And if you do write one you will be welcome to leave a link in the box which will be on Loose and Leafy from 21st August until 1st September if you would like to.