Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Summer knitting cont. . . .

So rewind a few weeks and you may remember my knitting project.

Most of the hat was completed before my holiday, just the sewing together needed to be done.

Then what to do with the left over wool ??
What about a snood!!

My stripy knitting produced loads of tangled ends to sew in. . . . 

Then the button selection *see button buying at the end*

So what do you think? I really like it.
But more importantly my Daughter does!!

*Button Buying. I have loads of buttons but not quite the right colour or quantity. So I headed to Abakhan fabric shop. . . . . .and came home with some buttons.*
(and two more balls of wool and some circular needles)


  1. I love buttons, I am always buying them. I have so many I could probably set up a shop of my own. You are so right they are never the right colour or quantity.

  2. I love this hat! It is so quaint. Hope your DD enjoys wearing it all winter long!