Thursday, 18 April 2013

While the cats away.....

Today I've 'borrowed' my daughters book while she is at school.

I traced the patterns, although you can cut them out. (personally cutting a book feels wrong)

The book shows the sleeves and neck line with a ric rac edging. If you made it without it would be a lot quicker.

Doing sewing on a small scale was really enjoyable.

The finishing touch was to select a button and make the button loop.

I am really happy with the finished dress and can't wait to try another outfit, or maybe the little shoes...


  1. That looks so lovely Sarah! :) Bet she loved it! admit it though, the book was really for you wasn't it?! ;) xxx

    1. Ooh please, buy the book for myself!! Really! ( yes I would have bought if for myself, but eagle eyes spotted it first!!)