Monday, 8 April 2013

On my lovely table. . .

The first week of the Easter holidays has gone past in a blur...

My lovely table hasn't seen much crafting, its just been a temporary resting spot for activities.

The first of my photos shows my new fabric, washed and ironed. I just need a project. The greeny blue fabric is going to be a new table cloth but the other two, well I'm not sure yet!

Some of the time last week involved work.

My daughters book arrived on Saturday, my initial impressions are really good. The patterns are all full size and the instructions look clear and easy to follow. More on the rag doll another day!

Another delivery of books. This time from my Mum in law. Maybe this week we shall be taste testing some cupcakes.

Sorry but the biscuits are long gone.  

On Sunday I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea with my biscuit tin, sadly now only containing seeds. 

I've now got several pots of courgette and cucumber seed waiting for warm weather.

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  1. I love your polka dots and I haven't seen that CK book...yet. I'm off to check it out.

    Nina x